What to Wear While Sailing

Sailing is such a fun activity, one that is enjoyed by both young and old and by people all around the world. While sailing is a fun activity it also can be a dangerous sport. There are a few things that you should keep in mind before hitting the open water. One of those is the clothing you wear while sailing. Having the right clothing can make all the difference.

Stay Comfortable

It is important to wear comfortable clothes and to make sure you do have something warm with you since the weather can change quite quickly. It also depends on what vessel you are going sailing in. For instance, you are more likely to get wet on a small dinghy than on a large sail boat. If you are worried about getting wet, then you should wear a waterproof top such as a spray top or a sailing cagoule. Sailing gloves are another good idea, since it will stop the friction burn that your hands may endure from pulling on sheets.

Nonstick closed shoes and boots that have a good grip are a good idea. You do not want to slip on the deck and injure yourself. In colder regions and in winter you are better off buying thicker rubber and neoprene boots that will keep your feet warm. Boots are also likely to last longer and will protect more of your leg than shoes will.

Protection from Sun

In warm weather you can simply wear shorts and a t-shirt but it is wise to always have some warm clothes with you as well. Keep them in a waterproof bag and bring a waterproof top with. It is always a good idea to have warm clothes and waterproof clothes with you. A hat and sunglasses are another good idea since they will protect you from the sun. It is a good idea to have sunblock with you as well as the sun can be very intense. Clothes made of synthetic fibers are a better idea to wear than are the clothes that are made of cotton. This is because cotton tends to absorb a lot of water.

Safety Equipment

You should also have a flotation device of some sort such as a life vest or life jacket. It is smart to wear this in case something happens, and you end up in the water. In some places it may in fact be illegal to be on a boat without wearing a life jacket or a life vest. Even if you are sailing on a lake and not the ocean it is smart to have a flotation device on board.

Plan Ahead

On a sailing yacht it would be a good idea to wear sailing socks and a nice sailing jacket especially when the weather is colder. Think carefully about the type of sailing vessel you are going on and the type of weather. This will determine how you dress. Remember to protect yourself from wind, wet and sun. Conditions are usually far more extreme when you are on the water than on the land.


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