Top Five Boat Shows To Watch Out For In 2018

Are we kicking off the New Year, check out some of the best boat shows that will be hosted at the various part of the world.

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

The FLIBS is acclaimed to be the biggest and most interesting boat show in the world right now. The boat show covers a whopping 278,000 square meters of space hosted over seven locations. The show boasts of a magnificent display of the best super-yachts you can find in Florida, plenty other luxury yachts that are up for sale and plenty other exotic cars displayed for the amusement of visitors.

Over 1500 boats and kits flaunt at The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and the boats worth over $3 billion. The show happens in Florida, which is renowned as one of the “super-yacht capital of the world,” and the beachfront location gives the show the desired laid-back vibe. You will enjoy some VIP boat experiences as the show has matured over the years from a gathering of friends to something spectacular. You will also get the chance to catch a glimpse of really fast boats and the latest designs of yachts.

Antigua Charter Yacht Show

Antigua Charter Yacht Show is an opportunity to get the best yacht for your summer holidays as luxurious yacht owners display some of their best yachts in this show. So if you are planning a trip to the Caribbean and want to get the perfect boat for a good bargain, you should check out the Antigua Charter Yacht Show. Also, you can bring your yacht along for some more charter bookings; plenty of yacht charters are usually present in this show.

Dubai International Boat Show

This is the most popular boat show in the Middle East and one of the most important events in the region’s yearly calendar. This event boasts the biggest public display of luxury and affluence in the Middle East. The show kicks off in the afternoon (unlike most boat shows that start at sundown) and works Its way gently into the night. This is perfect for the hot desert weather and also creates a unique experience for visitors gracing the show for the very first time. The show is rapidly growing every year, with the last edition reported to be bigger than the previous one. The show lasts for five days and hosts over luxurious yachts, boats, and plenty other side attractions.

Singapore Yacht Show

This is not just a show for a yacht; this is Asia’s biggest show of riches, luxury, and affluence. The show has grown to one of the biggest events in the continent that is a must attend for the high and mighty. The show is hosted yearly at the One 15 Marina Club and features a massive display of super-yachts, supercars, timepieces and expensive jewelry. After parties are a huge part of this show, beautiful nightlife and outdoor parties follow after each display as visitors a treated to a time of their lives.

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

You will enjoy a four-day of super fun at the Sanctuary Cove boat show held yearly at the Gold coast of Australia. Beautifully graced by lots of luxurious super-yacht, boats, and kayaks in one location, the show exhumes nothing but class. You will also enjoy side attractions from the marina, golf course, exotic restaurant and shops available at the Gold coast.


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