Top Eight Best Boats For The Weekend Sailor

Are you looking to get lost in the sea and spend the weekend sailing through blue waters? Come on board as we bring you some of the best boats that will help you achieve your goals of having a good time.

Solaris 50

Solaris has been in the business of boat making for over 40 years now. The company have been making trendsetting yachts in Italy and are good at designing cutting-edge sailboats. One of its latest exploits, Solaris 50 is a perfect boat for a weekend getaway to the sea. This amazing piece of water art was designed by Javier Soto and is number one in our countdown.

Xquisite X5

Xquisite X5 is an amazing cruising boat with so many good features for a nice in the seas when you set sail. Some of its features are all sails, a gemset, air conditioning, washing machine, electric winches, a big 900-watt solar array and so many other additions.

Lagoon 42

This beautiful curvy day is another boat that will get you into the sea smoothly. The boat’s sleek design makes it easy for you to sail especially in light air. Built by one of the best French boat makers we have today. You will always enjoy sailing with this one.

Catalina 425

Designed by the prolific yacht builder Gerry Douglas, the Catalina is one boat that has continued to kick off all other competition since it ducked over 20 years ago. As a successor to the renowned Catalina 42, the boat met all the standards. You will fall in love at just first sight.

Elan E4

Elan E4 was designed and manufactures by one of the best boat makers in Slovenia that is known for quality productions and strong boats. This boat is extremely durable and has bought over the heart of boat lovers looking for something that will stay in style and last for a longer period. The interiors are comfortable too; you can bring your sailor friend along and be sure to have a good time.


Are you looking for a little boat that is light, comfy and versatile? You should check out the X-cat. This little wonder weighs just 120lb and takes less than 10 minutes to assemble, so if you a looking to take a quick swipe through the sea and don’t want to sail to far, you can get yourself an X-cat.

Seascape 24

The seascape is a modern example of a primary performance boat that can serve plenty purposes and get you-you sail away comfortably into the sea. The boat has got both the speed and balance you will need for a cruise and has some interesting features within it too.

Xquisite X5

This is one of the bests boats of 2017, designed and built with the latest technology; crafted to perfection by one of the best boat makers in the world.  Designed with one of the best digital switching systems, the X5 has some amazing features like a universal wall outlet, a universal input isolation transformer, USB ports in every cabin and a central connection for easy access to all systems and wirings.


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