Things You Must Check Before Going Sailing

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when we go sailing, so we definitely must be sure that everything’s on point in order to prevent risking our lives and the lives of the entire crew. Truth be told, minor jams won’t be a big issue when going sailing as they won’t hurt the structure of the boat or the engine, but still, we must be aware of everything that’s going on before sailing away. Therefore, there are several things we need to check before starting our journey and while they may be kind of boring at first, they will become a part of the sailing routine as you get more experience:

Check the Weather

Even if it may seem obvious, you really need to check how the weather’s going to be during your trip, either from your sailing club or through the internet. Depending on the sea and the wind you may have to perform several adjustments before sailing away.

Check the Weather
Check the Weather

Check the Fuel

This one may seem like another no-brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many times people get stuck in the middle of the ocean because of this. Always take more fuel with you, but obviously, keep it properly stored.

Check Your Communication Devices

A properly working communication device may be the key between surviving or spending your last days at the sea. You must check they’re working as intended at all times, and always charge their batteries before sailing away.

Life-Saving Vests

Every single member of the crew must have a life-saving vest before sailing away. Every member of the crew must have one that fits their size, and they must wear them at all times in order to prevent putting their lives at stake.

Check for Leaks

You don’t want to sail on a broken sailboat, so you better meticulously check every single gap and corner of the boat to make sure there are no holes or leaks that could eventually sink your ship.

Check for Leaks
Check for Leaks

Have A Kit

Obviously, you must put together an emergency kit with food and drinkable water for the entire crew, as well as having a first-aid kit and some medicine on board. A toolbox to conduct minor fixes is also recommended.

Boat Documentation

You can’t sail away unless you’re completely positive you have all the proper documentation for your ship. You must be up to date with the insurance and tax payments, as port authorities could give you quite a hard time otherwise. Naturally, this list could go on for days and days and while some people may want to focus on a specific issue over another, these may be the most basic things every beginner must double and triple check before leaving. Once you become a more experienced sailor, you’ll do these things in no time and will be in for a life-changing experience you’ll never forget.


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