Things That You Should Never Do on a Boat – Pt. 2

Continuing with the tips and ideas about the things that never should be done on board of a boat, we invite you to continue reading and take keep in mind all these helpful comments to enjoy your next sailing trip without setbacks and also keep your ship in good shape for a lifetime.

Leave Wet Clothes on Board

Wetsuits, life jackets, clothing, bedspreads, covers, mattresses, napkins, tablecloths. Everything must be dry and properly stored before the end of the season. It’s even a good idea to take home as many clothes as possible and not leave anything on the boat. This prevents humidity and the apparition of odors. Repeat as a mantra: Only the essential remains in the boat.

Leave the Hull Bottoms for The Last Minute

Except in the case of participating in regattas, it’s good to make the bottoms of the sail off-season. The crane is cheaper, the price of the shipyard is better per day, and spare anodes can be found easily.

Sail Alone

The navigation should be always accompanied. Any unforeseen event or problem can become a drama if a sailor is alone. Although the pleasure of solitude and silence may be tempting, any sailor must have in mind that sports sailing involves enjoying nature and having fun, all this avoiding risks and accidents.

In exceptional cases of solo sailing, safety protocols need to be maximized: the use of safety harnesses and avoid falling overboard in absurd maneuvers is a major priority. Also, it’s vital to bring radio equipment and a good mobile phone.

Leave the Awning on, All Winter

It will be exposed to the fury of the elements, and we will know the damage that sun and wind can inflict to synthetic materials. To extend its usable life, it’s important to remove all the awnings and canopies that aren’t necessary and pack them correctly.

Bad Clothing

Shoes always should be worn while sailing. If you walk barefoot on the deck, tripping with any piece of the deck hardware is guaranteed, and also the balance became worse too. For safety reasons, it’s important to wear suitable clothes for the season.

Leave the Boat Forgotten for Several Months

It’s the worst thing that a boat owner can do. The boats want to sail, be in use. Twice a month at least, it’s essential to go through the boat, open it, start the engines, air it, use the freshwater circuit, toilets, navigation lights, and interiors, charge the batteries of the gear, connect the boat to land and, if is possible, sail for a while.

Forget Food on Board

All the fresh or perishable food you can pack for the trip, and even the leftover cans must be taken off the boat. It’s also a good idea that if the refrigerators aren’t in use, to leave it clean and open so it can be aired to avoid any unpleasant odors.


The pilot must avoid raising his voice to the crew. This is only necessary in case of a critical maneuver and in the case of a lot of surrounding noise, which happens exceptionally in storms or regatta races. When a skipper screams too much, he is doing it wrong.

Bring on Board Nerves, Hurries, And Tensions

This is the most important of all. It’s one thing that as experienced sailors we get on board with the stress carried during the week and the boat is a tool to help us to relax. But all kind of rushes and nerves must be left on land. The clock inside a ship has to go infinitely slower than the one we use every day.

The boat helps to have fun, enjoy and relax, but the main actors are us and the skipper is the boss. You shouldn’t go out to the sea precipitously, it has to be made it with the boat well prepared, equipped, with prior consultation of the weather, these precautions guarantee a good trip and with a rested crew that can maneuver the boat thoroughly and guard in the night without any sort of problem.


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