The perks of living on a boat

A lot of people believes that getting out on the open sea is the best way of relaxing, best place to spend a vacation on an holiday, or even on a tourism events. But for some other set of people, the excitement does not only end in all those aforementioned, but they also consider that living on a boat permanently is like living in paradise on earth, just like a dream come true for them. What could be better than falling asleep to the endless sounds of waves, and waking up to see an open blue and peaceful sea, drinking a cup of coffee while sitting on the deck above? If you had ever considered living on a boat, but you are not totally convinced it is the right idea, here are some reasons to start taking the idea as the best you can make and working towards making that idea a reality.

Cost of Living: the cost of living on a boat is far less expensive than living on land. Although the boat is expensive to purchase, but in the scheme of things, the cost price of a boat is far lesser than that of a mortgage. When it comes to boat buying, there are auctions that sell off quality boats at relatively low prices. When also considering other expenses, such as water bills, electricity, and maybe gas, the cost of them all combined together are usually lesser than what you would pay for the same bills while living in a home or an apartment.

Less Cluster: life on a both makes one less materialistic than when living in a home, due to the low storage capacity of boats, it has no room for extra items. When living on a boat, less truly is more, as you only have room for the basic necessities. A great rule of thumb is to scale back by 10 percent, meaning if your home is 2,000 square feet, try to scale your stuff down to 200 square feet. While it means having to sell or donate quite a bit of stuff, you will soon find you don’t even miss that stuff, allowing you to re-evaluate what is truly important to you.

Simple Life: living on a boat makes you enjoy a very simple life. There are less distractions than living on land. While you can get WIFI on a boat, most people who live on boats spend more time enjoying the simpler things in life, such as nature, getting out in the water, reading, cooking, etc.

Less Stress: those who live on boats are not nearly as stressed as those who do not, for there are less distractions to worry about. Because finances cause the most stress in people’s lives, the low cost of living on a boat helps keep people relaxed and not nearly as stressed about life.

Self Sufficient: when living on a boat, you will most likely run into problems you have to fix, making you more self-sufficient. For instance, while you could call a landlord to come fix the stove or clogged toilet in your apartment, while on a boat, that becomes your responsibility, especially if you are out in the open seas.

Other benefits of living on a boat are: green living, travel, neighbours, etc.


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