The Best Food for Sailors

Most first-time sailors make a lot of mistakes when it comes to planning how much and the kind of food they need to but when they’re preparing for an adventure, and even if you may not know about it, some nutritionists have actually concluded that sailors have nutrition needs quite to competitive athletes. When it comes to sailing with an engine-driven ship, even if the physical demands aren’t as high, people still need a lot of fuel for their body, so if you don’t have a suitable amount of fruit, vegetables, milk, cereals and protein you won’t be able to live this experience to the fullest. Cooking aboard is not an easy thing, and not only because of the movement, but because of the limited size of the kitchen. Still, there are a lot of plates that can be cooked quickly and easily and are perfect for a nice sailing trip.


Obviously, there’s nothing as practical and fast as a good old sandwich. You could serve it in slices and put together a nice mix for all of your guests to choose their favorite. For that purpose, you could have bread (obviously), ham, different kinds of cheese, pesto, lettuce, tomato, avocado, mushrooms, green apple, bacon, raisins, spinach, crab, yogurt, salmon, arugula and lemon.


Even if it may sound crazy, there’s nothing like fresh vegetables in the sea to recover your body from a long and tiring experience in the ocean, that’s why you should never go sailing without your fair treatment of salads, and you’ll need to buy tomato, mozzarella cheese, basil, olives, grated cheese, chicken, avocado, and curry. Also, you can add nuts to make it even more delicious.


Instant Soups

Instant soups aren’t exactly the healthiest option, but they offer a huge variety of plates that could suit the needs of everybody in the ship. As you only need to add some hot water and you’ll be set to enjoy, they are also one of the easiest dishes you could have under your sleeve. Also, you can have snacks of the likes of nuts, cookies, crackers, and fruit to complement.

Homemade Frozen Food

If you’re going to be sailing for just a day or two, some homemade frozen food may come in handy, but you don’t want to bring more than you’re able to eat or more than you need unless you want it to rot. Also, nutritionists recommend you use food like honey, jelly, and sweets, as well as bread, pasta, flour, and cereals.


No good sailing trip is completed until the captain has found a couple of fish to grill and delight his family and friends. Fish is not only extremely nutritive, but fishing is also a great and entertaining experience that can bring a lot of people together and provide food for everybody in the boat.



Last but not least, people may never forget about clean beverages, as sailing can really take a toll on your body. Most experts recommend taking from 3 to 4 water bottles per day, and only canned sodas and juice bottles instead of plastic bottles.


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