The Best Boats to Live on

If you wish to one day live aboard a yacht, these four boats will make your stay a delight

Who hasn’t dreamt of life aboard his vessel? Doubtless, all boaters must have conceived the idea at some point, even though it’s quickly banished due to life’s realities like family, career, and budget. Nonetheless, you live in the hope that you’ll realize your dream one day.

If that day ever comes, we have superb live-aboard yachts cherry-picked for you. Our selection comprises of relatively affordable yachts; a lottery jackpot or business success just short of hatching the next iPhone makes acquiring one realistic. Also, we zeroed in on readily available yachts. So, are you primed to auction your house and start your life on a boat? These yachts make a great home.

Grand Banks 64

The twin-engine Grand Banks trawler, drawn up by Tom Fexas; features bow-thrusters and a raised pilothouse that makes operating the yacht easy. Its standout feature, however; is the 2,000-gallon fuel capacity and a 400-gallon freshwater tank. Naturally, this means the Grand Banks 64 is a bona fide long-range watercraft. Why live by the dock while you can coast the world in your floating abode? All 64s in the market as of now are equipped with stabilizers. The Grand Banks comes with incredible capabilities and attracts serious buyers. You’d have a hard time finding a 64 that isn’t well maintained and in exquisite shape.

DeFever 48

Despite the DeFever 48 coming in as the smallest of the yachts we recommend, it’s undoubtedly worth your consideration. Among the designer’s most famous trawlers, earlier models of the DeFever come at under $150,000 – meaning the majority of middle-class Americans could trade the rancher and move aboard. Three staterooms with a master stateroom aft imply enough room for visitors and lots of privacy as well. We love the DeFever 48 despite its comparatively small size because it’s designed for a permanent dwelling as it comprises of a generator, washer, dryer and full-sized refrigerator.

Hatteras 90 Motor Yacht

Several things are clear as to why the Hatteras 90 Motor Yacht makes for an ideal liveaboard home. For starters, the Hatteras is as opulent as any yacht in its class. Beyond that, the boat boasts of an expansive outdoor area which lacks on most vessels that aim to maximize on the interior living space. The foredeck, for instance, has a spacious bow cockpit with seating, a dinette table, and sun pads. Towering sides ease movement from the bow and into the stern. Also, a huge cockpit with stairs leads towards an enormous swim platform. Another witty move made with the yacht was designing four roomy staterooms.

Nordhavn 76

If you’re looking to satiate a yearning for wanderlust, consider your search to be over. The Nordhavn 76 provides a 10-knot cruise speed and a range of 3,800 miles. This means you can auction your residence in Portland a set for Portugal. The Nordhavn 76 houses a master bedroom; two guest berths deep-freeze capacity, full laundry facilities and lots of storage space. The low number of cabins signifies the yacht is meant for long-term habitation unlike cramming aboard on brief trips. The engine room for the Nordhavn 76 screams a live-aboard inclination with a walk-about engine access, simple access to the wing engine and generators, a tools chest and a workbench.


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