Sailing Basics for Beginners

Sailing can be a very fun group of family activity. As any other hobby, practice makes perfect. Once you have learnt the basics skills, fun is guaranteed. We have prepared some tips and tricks that will help you become the king of the seas in no time. Pick an appropriate day. Weather is a very important factor when it comes to safe sailing. Even professional sailor stay on the shore when the weather is not suitable. Choose a sunny day with chances of rain as close to 0%. Don’t go on the water when it’s windy because what may seem as a fairy light breeze on the shore can be a violent storm on the water. Remember to dress appropriately. Sailing implies a lot of wind and you don’t want to be shivering out on the sea.

Choose the right boat. Don’t jump right away and buy an expensive competition boat. A smaller boat is perfect for a beginner. 22’ keelboats are usually the perfect choice for beginners. They are easy to control and their dimensions shouldn’t be a challenge for you. Go with a professional. Learning to sail is fairly easy but can turn into a dangerous adventure if you are in a situation in which you don’t know what to do. It is strongly recommended to take a professional sailor the first times you go on the water in order to be sure that even in the event of a storm you will have someone to guide you to the shore.

Learn some sailor language. We have all watched pirate movies and understood little from the sailing scene. You don’t want to be in this situation when you are learning with a professional. There are expressions like “more rum and beer please” that are actually sailing terminology. Take some time to get accustomed with these and will have more fun on your boat than Jack Sparrow.

Get supplies. Remember that going on the water also implies some risks. Don’t forget to supply your boat with fresh water, sunscreen, life vests and a signal method in case of emergency. Sea and even lake water is usually not good for drinking and the sea sun can do a lot of damage. It is advised that you know to swim before you start with a sailing lesson. Even in this case, life vests shouldn’t miss from your emergency box, especially if you have children on board.

Be aware of the boom. The boom is a big, heavy bar at the foot of the mainsail. Its main purpose is to hold the boat in equilibrium and its movement follows the movement of the boat. Professional sailors know how to control the boom. Until then, beginners should be cautious not to get hit by the boom. Sailing can be an amazing adventure for anyone. Take these tips into consideration when you start learning how to sail and you should enjoy your experience safely. Always be safe and smart when out on the open seas, Ahoy!


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