How to Keep Your Sail Boat in Top Condition

Keeping your sail boat in top notch condition requires continual maintenance and care. Most people know that a car needs to be checked regularly and maintained in order for it to last as long as possible. The same is true with a sail boat. If you want your sail boat to last, then you need to keep it in as best condition as possible. It is important to not let any small problem become worse and rather take care of any issues as soon as you are aware of them. Boats are exposed to harsh conditions including salt, humidity and UV rays of the sun, which means that their condition can rapidly deteriorate over time.

Check Frequently

First off, you should regularly check the boat, check that the bilge pump is still working adequately, check for leaks in the hull and make sure the battery levels are still okay. Make sure the anchor still looks fine, if possible dive down in clear water to check its condition. If you are unsure if there is a problem, you can always ask an expert to check and advise you.

The wood of the boat needs to be checked regularly. Dry rot can become a real problem in sail boats, so you want to avoid this happening or treat it if you spot it starting to develop. There are various commercially available wood repair and restoration kits that you can buy to fix any wood problems. Remember that it is always better to fix an issue when the problem is small.

Clean Regularly

Keeping your boat clean is also very important. This will help stop strange smells and help to stop mildew from developing. It is also easier for you to spot any problems if you are cleaning the boat often as you will notice issues while you are busy working on the boat. You can also keep some boat maintenance products on hand, especially anything that you use often. This may include waxes and polishes that you use often.

Fiberglass boats have a gelcoat finish that has to be well maintained if it is to retain its look and good condition. This means that you have to first clean the gelcoat. Then you apply wax to the gelcoat to form a protective layer, and then you polish it. Canvas and other fabrics on the boat also need to be cleaned and treated properly. Be sure to always buy the correct product for what you are cleaning so as to not damage anything.

Record the Work

Another important, yet often overlooked part of maintenance is keeping good records. Record when anything is done and what exactly is done. This will help you to keep track of when your boat needs to be looked at again, and it helps if you ever decide to resell the boat. Buyers would appreciate good records of maintenance. By following these few tips and suggestions, you can easily maintain your sail boat in top notch condition.


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