Best lakes for sailing in the US

Sailing is one of the most beautiful and relaxing outdoor activities to do. The beauty behind this sport is that it can be done by everyone and it is relatively easy to learn. All you need to have is patience and the skills to maneuver a boat. But the true challenge comes when is the time to choose the place to sail. There are countless lakes that offer amazing views and crystal-clear water. We have selected some of the best lakes for sailing in the US in order to help you with your choice and to make your favorite leisure activity even more beautiful. Lake Dillon is situated in Colorado and it is the perfect spot for those who like battling with winds. The Lake Dillon reservoir was built in the 60’s and it is fed by three rivers: the Snake River, the Blue River and Ten Mile Creek. This help the lake have depth stability all around the year. The area can be quite tricky for beginners thanks to the surrounding mountains and the constant 11 knots wind. If you are looking for a true challenge you should try sailing on the Snake River. It is quite narrow and it is considered the windiest of the three rivers.

Lake Tahoe is situated between California and Nevada and it is the second deepest lake in the US. It has more than 72 miles of shoreline and it features amazing landscapes. The mountain peaks are covered with snow all around the year and the old history of sailing in this region means that there are many docks where you can stop. The community surrounding this lake has a rich culture and the people are very friendly. Seneca Lake is located in New York. It is definitely the place to go if you like adventures. Although the water itself is quite calm the weather has the habit to change very fast. You should know that it is not a very heavily sailed lake and it is quite difficult to find a dock and a place to spend the night. Besides this, the lake offers amazing landscapes and amazing opportunities for those who like to battle with the weather conditions. You can also find many racing events and Yacht Clubs in this area.

Lake Havasu is located in Arizona and it is definitely a good place to go for those who are beginners. Although it may be surrounded by mountains and hills the water is very calm and the wind is quite constant. There are many places where you can dock and you can also explore the surrounding area by foot thanks to the designated hiking trails. Angostura Reservoir can be found in South Dakota and it is one of the few man-made sailing locations that are very popular. The landscape is so calming that many describe it as a sailing paradise. You can even go scuba diving and explore to sunken settlements that existed before this lake was created.

Lake Havasu

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