Best boat houses of 2018

In the past boat houses were considered a necessity for sailors and didn’t have much of a design. In the past years many of the sailors and yacht clubs wanted more beautiful and outstanding boat houses that would represent their personality and taste. Many house design awards were distributed to boat house designs because they began to incorporate very interesting details and ideas. We have selected some of the most interesting boat house design in order to give you some inspiration for your next sailing project.

Southern Quebec hosts one of the most unusual boat houses in the world. It is found in a secluded bay and it plays a very important role for the owner. The MU Architecture studio designed this house in a very steep site. The exterior is very modern featuring black walls and minimalistic windows. The boat house is fully functional and it located right near the matching villa designed by the same architecture studio. The design gives a feeling of calm and serenity. It also features a rooftop terrace perfect for a glass of wine in the chilly evenings. Lake Austin also has an amazing boat house. The American studio Andersson-Wise designed this two story jewel that features a fully functional interior and a unique view to Lake Austin. The house also has a special spot from which inhabitants can dive directly into the water. The exterior is very modern but in the same time matches the surroundings perfectly. The mixture between wood, metal and concrete makes this place truly unique.

Another jewel can be found on the shore of Lake Austin. The same American studio Andersson-Wise designed a truly futuristic boathouse. They stated that the purpose of the design is to show the state of natural decomposition. The house has walls only in some places and the two story building is right on the water. It has an amazing terrace that makes the landscape easy to admire and the open design makes the inhabitants get in contact with the nature.The boathouse owned by University of Minnesota is truly majestic. It was designed by HGA Architects and Engineers and it offers the perfect mixture between beauty and functionality. The exterior design is very modern and it features wood and concrete. The two-story building offers exceptional views to Mississippi River and transforms a workout day in a true pleasure. The building merges perfectly with the surroundings. A truly unique boathouse can be found right at the shoreline of the Chicago River. Studio Gang Architects designed a building that matched rowing perfectly. The ups and downs features in the roof are a symbol of the cadence of rowing. Many consider this building a true work of art and a tribute to this beautiful sport. The exterior is very modern and simple. It features grey stone and has the purpose to focus the attention on the roof. The doors and windows are very minimalistic. This is definitely one of the most interesting boathouses in the world.

Boathouse in Chicago

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