All You Need to Know About Sailing with Kids

Traveling with children on board can be incredibly stressful for most people, but luckily, it’s also one of the safest experiences you could give your kids if you’re cautious enough with and stay on top of a handful of details. So, if you’re having second thoughts about taking the kids on a sailing trip this holiday and aren’t quite sure about how to proceed, we got your back, so sit down, relax, and enjoy while we handle the most difficult stuff.

Check the Weather

This one may seem like a no-brainer for most experienced sailors, but most first-timers actually forget to check how the weather’s going to be during their trip. If you’re having second thoughts or aren’t sure about sailing with difficult weather, just call it off and stay home.

Never Forget About Life jackets

Another common mistake most rookie sailors do is not paying enough attention to lifejackets. Children must have their life jackets on at all times, and that obviously includes even before the start of the trip. You cannot overlook this simple suggestion, and children must be joint by an adult at all times.

Never Forget About Life jackets
Never Forget About Life jackets

Help the Kid Understand Sailing Rules

Children are most likely to play along if you actually help them understand some simple sailing rules, like, for instance, the captain is the ultimate authority in the ship, or keep yourself away from the edges, or hold on when the ship is moving. Also, a couple of special shoes may come handy to avoid them slipping and falling.

Use Nets Next to Beds

Kids have a tendency to relax a lot when falling asleep and that can translate into accidents when you’re sailing. So the best thing you could do is put nets next to the beds to avoid them falling to the ground. Also, let them know they can’t go outside at night.

Protect Their Skin

The sun can be literally lethal to kids, as their skin isn’t fully prepared yet to handle a lot of time under the sun. Obviously, we’re all vulnerable to skin conditions but is extremely important to use protection when sailing, including hats, sunglasses, and anti-UV shirts.

Prevent Sea-Sickness

To prevent sea-sickness, you must have a lot of dimenhidrinate, as well as food with a lot of vitamin C, chamomile, and ginger in order to prevent vomiting, dizziness and general discomfort, especially for the youngest.

Prevent Sea-Sickness
Prevent Sea-Sickness

Include Toys

Kids are going to love the experience, but they’re still going to get bored at times, so you must have something to help them be amused at all times and not ruin the experience for the rest of the family. Moreover, you can even add a water-sport kind of activity, like snorkelling, paddle surfing, or kayaks. Remember, the more you travel, the better you’ll be at handling every single kind of situations, so stop hesitating and pack your bags, get the kids, and start traveling around the world. Your kids will love it!


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